Dear Runners,

Welcome to the 5th edition of Gujarat's most loved trail race - Run the Rann. Today, our reputation has transcended geographical boundaries. We are amongst one of the world’s must run races and also perhaps the country’s toughest footrace, a feat we could not have achieved without your enthusiasm and support.

More than 600 participants in a span of 4 years have treaded the mighty trails of Kutch. Some of them have even set records in our most revered 161K segment. But no matter who they are, all have concluded Run the Rann to be one of their best running experiences yet!

Thinking about 2018, I feel all the more excited. I can almost feel the adrenaline of runners who will break our trail records or at least give it one hell of a run for its money. I am eager to meet new runners and all the more keen to welcome our regulars.

On this note... I bid you a warm welcome to Run the Rann - Edition 5... and wish you all the best as you train to Brave the Desert...

Hiten Shah
Director, Uphill EMG